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Memrorial Rocks, Estate Boulders & memorial Trees

EvrMemories offers Everlasting Memorial Rocks, Memorial Trees, Estate Boulders, Pet Memorial Rocks & Pet Estate Boulders with cremation urns for your loved ones.

Timeless and inspirational, memorial, tribute rocks, and urn rocks are an excellent way to inspire love and respect for a friend or family member for generations to come.

Spectacularly crafted from actual cast stone, these memorial rocks and tribute rocks are ideal for endless tribute to your dear family member, beloved pet, or close personal friend. Choose from cast stone memorial boulders, estate rocks, and tribute rocks. Available in three colors, our urn rocks are fabulous for the most honorable and admirable of heroes.

Each memorial rock, tribute rock, and urn rock comes with an engraved plaque for you to commemorate the life and death of someone very dear to you. Guaranteed to last a lifetime, tribute rocks can be passed from generation to generation for eternal reverence.

Everlasting Memorial Rocks Memorial Trees Estate Boulders
Pet Memorial Rocks Pet Estate Boulders

Memorial rocks and memorial trees and estate boulders are a new product on the cremation scene and have been very popular with our consumer base. These unique rocks and trees are made of a lightweight material that has a durable outer finish. Each rock houses a small interior individual or companion cremation urn that will hold the remains of a loved one or a pet underneath and inside the actual memorial rock or memorial tree. Each individual rock and tree is slightly different and makes a wonderful addition to a front yard or part or other place used for memorializing or remembering those that have touched our lives.

Our memorial rocks are look like your average large rock that has been pulled out of side of a hill or that you see being used as an ornamental structure in the yards of many homes. The rocks come in a multitude of different colors and shapes and sizes. Our Adams memorial rock is available in sandstone, slate gray and red rock and any would make a beautiful compliment to a front yard as a memorial resting place. Each Adams memorial rock has a small urn that can be purchased in addition to the rock.

Our Taylor memorial rock is another lovely addition to our line of memorial rocks, trees and boulders. Our Taylor memorial rock measures a little smaller than our Adams but will still beautifully cradle a small individual or companion urn to hold the remains of a loved one or a treasured pet. Each Taylor memorial rock is measured from cast stone and can withstand 9000 psi of pressure as well as freeze-thaw conditions. Our Taylor memorial rocks would make a wonderful resting place for your loved one or would be a nice commemoration to their memory.

Everlasting Memories has a line of pet memorial rocks that are unique and will make a terrific tribute to an animal that has passed away and you miss dearly. Each pet memorial rock has a small inner compartment that will hold an individual cremation urn. Our Hayes pet memorial rock is available in a variety of colors and will hold an individual or companion size urn underneath and tucked inside the rock for an additional fee. The sandstone colored Hayes pet memorial rock would be lovely in a garden or near a birdbath in your backyard.

Our selection of memorial trees are slightly whimsical and make for a loving display of your devotion to a loved one that is no longer with you. Each tree looks like a cut off stump and you can almost picture the birds and squirrels that will perch upon its top and look at you with interest. The Polk memorial tree features a grayish trunk and it weighs about 40 to 70 pounds. In addition to the gray, the Polk memorial tree can be purchased in red brown and with or without an urn on the underside of the memorial tree.

For those that like a more substantial looking rock, Everlasting Memories also carries memorial boulders. These memorial boulders are stately and elegant and will house a small funeral urn on the underside of the memorial rock for a nominal fee. Our Johnson estate boulder is a perfect example of what Everlasting Memories has to offer in the line of estate boulders. This huge memorial boulder weighs approximately 350 pounds and is delivered by common carrier and pallet. Our Johnson estate boulder is made from cast iron stone and can withstand high pounds of pressure and freeze-thaw conditions. The Johnson Estate boulder can be purchased in sandstone, red rock or slate gray.

The Madison estate boulder is another wonderful addition to our estate boulder line. Each Madison estate boulder will hold an individual or companion cremation urn inside the boulder and includes an anti-theft metal eye bolt for security reasons. The Madison estate boulder weighs over 300 pounds and can be easily installed by two or three men. This exceptional estate boulder would be a beautiful addition to mark the bottom or top of a driveway garden or as an overlook to your estate or property.

Everlasting Memories also has a fabulous line of pet estate boulders. More and more, the impact that pets have on our lives is becoming well known and our customers wish to honor them as they would any other member of their family. Why not do so with one of our estate boulders? Our Monroe estate boulder is gorgeous and you would never guess it can cradle the remains of a beloved pet on the inside of the estate boulder itself. Each Monroe estate boulder has a place on the front where a plaque can be screwed in to commemorate your pet. The plaque consists of a small brass plate that will hold up to 22 lines of text with up to eighty characters per line. Everlasting Memories offers a smaller version of the plaque for our estate rocks.

Everlasting Memories continues to be dedicated to offering a variety of cremation products to our customers. Creating a lasting tribute to those that have left us is so very important as it enables us to move forward with our own lives and helps us deal with our grief. Memorial rocks, trees and boulders are a tremendous way to say I love you and I miss you to those that are gone and they make a beautiful display for all to see and appreciate. For those of us that have lost treasured pets, Everlasting Memories has a collection of pet memorial rocks and pet memorial boulders that make saying good-bye a little easier. Memorial rocks and trees also give us a place to go to so that we can be with our loved one when we need to and it's right there in our yard or in a park or any other special place that holds meaning to us. Trust your instincts and purchase one of our incredible and durable memorial rocks, memorial trees or memorial boulders that will gently hold an individual or companion cremation urn.