Pet Cremation Jewelry Buying Guide

What is Pet Cremation Jewelry?

Pet cremation jewelry is a beautiful and unique way of remembering a cherished companion, whether it’s a dog, cat, horse, bird, guinea pig, lizard any other beloved animal. By carrying a piece of them concealed in specialized jewelry, you can honor their memory forever. Everlasting Memories does this by offering a range of stylish and elegant jewelry items such as rings, necklaces and bracelets, each designed to discreetly carry a pinch of ashes, a lock of hair, or even sacred earth from the burial site of your departed. Whatever you choose, Everlasting Memories will send you a filling kit with your purchase, enabling you to carefully store and secure the remembrance within a hollowed section of the jewelry’s interior.

For further information on how to fill your cremation jewelry, visit our help page here.

How Pet Cremation Jewelry Helps the Grieving Process

Everlasting Memories understands the unique bond between every owner and their pet. We often come to view them as a part of our family, and the sadness when they leave us involves a grieving process that we all deal with differently.

At Everlasting Memories, we offer one way to deal with this bereavement by giving our customers the option to keep a piece of their family with them forever. Whether it’s in a piece of jewelry, an accessory, or an urn, comfort and closure can be found by having a remembrance close to your heart, which can help you heal and move forward in the wake of your loss.

Types of Pet Cremation Jewelry

Everyone is unique with their own personal taste and style. That’s why Everlasting Memories offers a huge range of options that cater for both men and women.


We offer several types of necklace designs with several different lengths to choose from. Various elements such as hearts, initials, cylinders, flowers, crosses and gemstones can be added. One popular option is a pet photo locket, which we can engrave and personalize however you like.


A smaller and daintier type of jewelry, our bracelets come in a variety of designs that include cuffs, bangles and charms. Like our necklaces, we offer various decorative elements to suit individual tastes.


As a symbol of love, devotion and promise, they are a popular item for pet cremation jewelry. Whether it’s a simple band or an eternity ring set with the birthstone of your pet, our collection will be sure to inspire the perfect tribute.


Not everyone wears jewelry, but many still like the idea of immortalizing their pet in some way. If that’s you, then one of our accessories might be a good option. We offer chains, pet remembrance keychains and rearview mirror charms in a range of designs and colors for you to choose from.

Each of our pieces can be personalized, which adds a special uniqueness to every design. Some engraving ideas include names, dates and special nicknames, which we place on your jewelry using scrip or block font options.

Materials Used for Pet Cremation Jewelry

We also use a range of high grade, quality materials that allow you to honor your beloved pet inside personal and valuable items, whatever your budget may be.

Materials include:

14 Karat Gold - 14 Karat White Gold - 14 Karat Rose Gold

These high-grade precious materials are used for a range of beautiful jewelry items. Popular because of their attractiveness and value, choosing the right color comes down to personal taste and what suits an individual’s skin tone. (See Determining your skin tone below for further advice on choosing the right color metal).

Sterling Silver - Gold Plated

Sterling-silver and gold-plated jewelry are lovely options for those looking to retain the attractiveness of a precious metal at a more affordable price. We offer a range of stunning items that don’t just include jewelry, but urns and keychains too.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a hypoallergenic and versatile option for jewelry. It’s a popular material for key rings, dog tags, engraved photos, urns and bracelet cuffs.

Brass - Copper

These metals are strong and durable, which is why they’re used in many types of jewelry. They have a classic finish that suits items such as urns, pawprint keychains, engraved remembrance plates and snake chains. They’re a great option for those on a budget as they don’t contain any precious metals.


A beautiful option for most urns, wood is also an attractive material for carved jewelry such as heart pendants.


Delicate and enchanting, glass lockets are a popular item due to their versatility. They can be made in a range of shapes and styles and colored to reflect the personality of the wearer.

Gemstones - Opal - Onyx - Swarovski Crystal

All the materials used can be decorated with gemstones to enhance their design and appearance. For example, adding colored gemstones to a piece of jewelry to signify the birth year of your pet is a popular option.

Selecting the Right Jewelry

At Everlasting Memories, we pride ourselves on the amount of options we offer to our customers. However, we also know that too much of a good thing can make choosing the right design overwhelming, especially when it comes to putting something so precious inside of it. To make this process easier, there are some key considerations worth making a note of before you begin your search.

1. What is your budget?

We offer cremation jewelry at various prices, depending on the materials used and their design. For example, glass and brass items will usually be under $50, which is a more affordable price range for most people, while 14k Gold jewelry is pricier and generally reserved for those who want to invest in something of higher value. Whatever your budget, Everlasting Memories puts the same effort into all of our items, ensuring their quality and longevity.

2. What statement are you looking to make?

Jewelry is meant to be seen. Decorating our bodies in various adornments has been something humans have done for millennia. But what are we trying to convey? In the case of pet cremation, are you looking for a heart shaped pawprint locket that starts a conversation about your late pet, or are you looking to wear a ring with a hidden secret only you know? When you’ve decided what you want your jewelry to say, you can begin your search in earnest.

3. What suits your personality?

Another consideration is personal taste. What jewelry do you usually wear? Do you like elegant necklaces, bold signet rings, simple cuffs or sparkly pendants with a ‘wow’ factor? Will you wear the jewelry or cherish it as a keepsake? Is it a present for a loved one or a gift to yourself? These are all questions worth asking yourself before you make your purchase. What you end up choosing will depend on these factors.

4. Consider necklace chain length.

When considering necklaces, chain length often gets overlooked. However, chain length can dramatically change the appearance of jewelry. For example, if you’ve chosen a heavy pendant, having it on a short chain can make it sit strangely, while having a smaller necklace charm may go unnoticed on a longer chain. Another option is layering your necklaces and wearing several different lengths at one time. This can create a striking look when matched with compatible accessories.

For further guidance  on cremation jewelry chain length, visit our chain length page.

5. What jewelry matches your skin tone?

Determining your skin tone

It may come as a surprise that certain materials will suit certain skin tones. The trick is to find out exactly what your skin tone is. You can do this by looking at the color of your veins. You have a ‘cool’ undertone if your veins are blue or purple. If your veins are greener, you’ll likely have ‘warm’ undertones, and if you can’t tell if your veins are blue or green, you probably have ‘neutral’ undertones.

Another way to identify skin tone is to carefully look at your skin color and consider its behavior. Do you burn easily, with signs of redness and/or paleness? If so, you have cool tones. If you tan easily and your skin is darker, you probably have warm tones, and if there is no obvious espresso, olive or redness, you’re likely neutral.

Neutral and cool tones can be difficult to distinguish because of how close they can be, so the final test is to hold up a piece of gold and silver foil to your face. If the gold looks best, you have a warm tone. If the reflection from the silver foil makes your skin glow, you have a cool skin tone, and if you don't notice a difference (both silver and gold are flattering), then you likely have a neutral skin tone.

Matching your skin tone to your jewelry

Now you know what your skin tone is, the next step is to match it to your jewelry wish list before making a purchase. As a rough guide, we advise following these golden rules:

A cool skin tone often matches white metals such as silver or white gold. It also looks best with red, purple and blue gemstones. Red stones include gems such as ruby, garnet and tourmaline. Purple stones include amethyst, fluorite and violet sapphires. Blue stones include blue sapphire, topaz and aquamarine.

A warm skin tone looks best with yellow metals such as gold, copper or bronze. It also looks good with yellow, orange and green gemstones. Yellow/gold stones include yellow sapphires, citrine and zircon. Orange stones include spessartite garnet, imperial topaz and moonstone. Green stones include emerald, jade and peridot.

A neutral skin tone luckily looks good with most materials and gemstones, so it comes down to personal taste.

Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend, which is why they suit any skin tone.

How to Gift Pet Cremation Jewelry to a Love One

If a close friend or relative has recently lost a beloved pet, you might consider buying them an item of pet cremation jewelry as a thoughtful and meaningful gift. There are several ways you can do this.

Firstly, you need to consider their age, lifestyle and taste. For example, elderly customers may struggle with items that have fiddly clasps, so consider gifting pendants and loose bracelets that don’t need any assistance putting on and taking off. Those that lead active lives and are always on the move might prefer a sturdy ring or cuff that they are less likely to damage or lose.

And of course, make sure you’re catering to the recipients’ taste and skin tone. If you’re not sure what they are, try and note what other jewelry they wear and then match the style and material to available items as closely as you can. If they don’t wear jewelry, then a keychain or rearview mirror charm could be a better gift option.

Secondly, if you don’t have the ashes or hair of the deceased pet readily available, but you know your loved one would appreciate the keepsake, you can purchase the jewelry and fill it later. If not, other options you can use to fill the interior of your cremation jewelry include:

Some earth from the place their pet was laid to rest

Sand from their pet's favorite beach

The ashes of a burned photo of your pet

A small cut-off from a piece of clothing/toy/pair of socks their pet was attached to

When the gift arrives, you can either fill it yourself with the aforementioned options, or take it to your bereaved loved one and fill it in together. Unfortunately, filling the cremation jewelry for customers is not a service Everlasting Memories offer. However, we do provide easy to follow instructions, which we include with every cremation jewelry purchase.

We also offer a step-by-step instructional video with visual cues on adding your remembrance to the interior of your cremation jewelry. But if this is something you don’t want to do, then many funeral homes offer to help as a complimentary service.

Final Thoughts

The only fault animals have is their inability to live as long as us. That’s why we know choosing the right tribute to your departed friend can feel like an impossible task.

Everlasting Memories is here to help you make that decision a little easier, matching you with the perfect piece so a part of your pet can be with you forever. You can find our full range of pet cremation products over on our website, including Pet Photo Jewelry and Pet Cremation Urns. Additionally, we have a beautiful selection of Pet 14K Gold Cremation Jewelry. You can also find further information on how we source our materials to ensure the best quality and experience for our customers.

If you’d like to get in touch and discuss any of the topics covered in this article, you can do this by calling 1-877-723-4242 or emailing us. We also have an Education Center with helpful articles, all of which can be found on our website.

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