Urn Display Ideas For Your Home

The Best Way To Honor A Loved One With An Urn Display

When someone we love dies, we want to honor them and keep their memory alive. We may want to display a loved one's cremains in our home, but aren't sure how.

Many people choose not to display the urn that holds the ashes of their loved ones because it is too somber or they feel like it would be disrespectful. But there are ways to display your loved one's cremains that can be comforting while honoring their memory.

There are many ways you can incorporate your loved one into your home decor while still honoring them with dignity and respect. We have put together some ideas for displaying a loved one's cremains in your home which will help you create a place of honor for them so they can continue being part of the family in spirit.

Why Is It Important To Display Your Loved One's Urn At Home?

When loved ones are cremated, the traditional custom has been to place the remains in a cemetery or you can bury them yourself. It seems that more and more people are choosing to keep their loved one’s ashes at home and there are many reasons why this can be the right decision for you. Let's explore the importance of displaying your loved one's urn in your home.


When a loved one dies, we want to surround ourselves with memories and reminders of them. Sometimes this can be overwhelming and it is even more difficult if they have been cremated.

Having the urn displayed somewhere where you can see it often will help you feel close to your loved one after their passing.


Sometimes, particularly after a lengthy illness or if your loved one has made their wishes known to you, they may have told you specifically what they would like done with their ashes after they pass away.

If this is the case for you, then it is important that you honor the memory of your loved one by placing them on display in your home exactly where they wanted to be.


For some people, displaying the cremains of their loved one in their home can be comforting because it brings them all together in one place. If your child has passed away or if you have lost a sibling, parent, or another relative, many siblings may feel comforted by having their loved one displayed in your home.

They may feel like you are doing this for them and although it is an intensely personal decision, many siblings can appreciate being able to see their loved ones after they have passed away.


If you have children or grandchildren who are still young, then there are ways that  you can display your loved one's urn that will help keep their memory alive for them. If you have a child who is interested in art, then they may enjoy drawing pictures of your family and putting them near where the urn is displayed.

If you have young grandchildren, you might want to make sure they see the urn and know who it belongs to. You can even talk to your grandchildren about the urn and incorporate that into a family discussion of what you loved most about their grandparent or loved one who has passed away.


If your loved one has passed away and their ashes have been dispersed or buried in a cemetery, then having their cremains displayed in your home can help you feel closer to them. You will be able to look at their urn each day and feel like they are still with you even though they aren't physically near you.


If you want to feel like your loved one is near then you will want to place their urn in a place that you spend time in. 

Many people display their loved one's urn near where they sleep. By keeping the cremains of your loved one in your bedroom, you can feel like they are still part of your daily life even when you are sleeping. You know that there is something that reminds you of them every night which will help bring comfort to your heart and your home.

Others may want to display the urn near where their loved one used to sit or hang out in their house. If your spouse liked to read in the living room, then you might keep his urn on a table next to his favorite chair so that he can feel like he is still part of your daily activities even though he has passed away.


If you have lost someone very close to you, then you probably want to keep their memory alive and show others how important they were in your life. A great way of doing this is by displaying the urn where everyone who comes into your home can see it. This will help everyone who comes into your home feel included in the memory of your loved one and it will allow you to share their story with others.

Not only will the urn help keep your loved one's memory alive, but it will also provide a focal point for your entire home and show others how much you love and appreciate them even though they are no longer with us today.


 If you want to keep your loved one's memory alive, then having their urn displayed in your home is an excellent way of doing so. By keeping the cremains where they mean the most to you or where you can see them every single day, you will feel like they are still with you no matter how much time passes after they have passed away. 

What Are Some Things To Consider Before You Create Your Display?

Before you create your display there may be some things you want to consider. Let’s go over a few things to keep in mind when planning your display.


The type of display you want to create will be based on several factors. What was your loved one like? How did they like to spend their time? Were they creative or more traditional in their tastes? You may even want to think about what kind of theme you would like the display to reflect. 

Take the time to really think about what would best represent your loved one. And what will make you feel their presence and memory. By asking yourself these questions you will ensure that the display you ultimately choose truly represents your loved one.

A Full Display Or A Very Minimal Display?

You should decide whether you want to have a full display or something very minimal. 

You can have just the urn displayed or have photos, mementos, keepsakes, candles, etc setting around it.  If you want to have a full display, think about where you would place each item so that it can cohesively tie together.

Ask yourself what kind of items you want to include? As we mentioned before, keep in mind what would truly represent them as well as memories of your time together. 

If you prefer a more minimal display, think about what objects mean the most to you and focus on that. For example, if your loved one was a photographer, an urn with a camera on top may represent them best. However, if your loved one always liked to have fresh flowers then include those as well. It is completely up to you how you ultimately choose to honor your loved one.


When deciding on a display it is important to keep in mind your loved one's personality and style.  If you want the display to remind them of you, think about something that really represents your loved one.

Let’s say your loved one loved colorful clothing and decor. You may want to incorporate that into your display. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning the urn display.

Favorite Colors

If your loved one was into colors, make sure to incorporate them with the display. For example, you can color coordinate the urn with their favorite color(s). It may even be a great idea to include objects with multiple colors in order to represent several of their favorites.

Let’s say your loved one liked red, pink, and green- you can include an urn decorated with all three colors. Use can use items such as flowers and candles in those colors.

Or you can find fabrics or a table runner in those colors to put beneath the urn. This will make the urn stand out and really represent your loved one.

Favorite Hobby

If your loved one had a favorite hobby, then it would be great to include that into the display. For example, let's say your loved one was really into photography and they liked to take photos in specific locations around town. You could go back to those places and take some photos of their favorite spots.

Then when you display the urn, you could either put up those photos or just have their favorite camera displayed.

Favorite Music/Band

If your loved one had a favorite band or musician, then it would be nice to include that into the urn display as well. If your loved one was really into Bob Marley and they had some memorabilia with his name on it. You could include those items as well.

If you don’t have access to memorabilia you can shop vintage memorabilia or even places like eBay for pieces that would best represent your loved ones, favorite band, or musician.

Favorite Sports Team

If your loved one was into sports, then it would be great to include that in the display. If you’re loved one really loved football you could include a jersey or ball in their favorite team's colors.

Maybe your loved one was a baseball fan and loved wearing baseball caps. If you are able to find one that they wore display it with the urn. If you’re unable to you can go to a sports store to pick up a few pieces of memorabilia to display with the urn that you know your loved one would appreciate.

Favorite Book/Author

If your loved one was a huge bookworm, then it would be a great idea to include that into the display as well. If your loved one always had a favorite book that they read over and over again, you could ask their family members or friends what it is so you can have it displayed next to them.

If there are other objects related to the book you should include those as well.

Favorite Piece Of Clothing

If your loved one had a favorite outfit that they wore all the time, then you could incorporate that into the display as well. For example, let's say your loved one always liked to wear their favorite t-shirt at home because it was comfortable or maybe their favorite dress.

If you still have that particular piece of clothing then you should include it in the display for sure. 

Just note that if you are going to display other items around the urn, decide what items you are going to choose to display.  This will give you an idea of how large the display will need to be and where a good place in your home is to have the display.

Dried Flower Arrangement From The Funeral

If your loved one had a favorite flower or flowers, then you can incorporate that into the urn display as well. If the funeral service included a dried flower arrangement from the funeral and it is beautiful you can include that into your display in a nice vase or container. Just make sure to take care of the dried flowers so they look good for as long as possible.

Military Keepsakes

If your family member or friend served in the military, then you could include some of their military keepsakes into the display. This may be a flag or uniform they used during their service.

If you have your loved one’s dog tags this would be an excellent way to honor their time in the service and something that they held close to them during that time.

You should ask family members or friends if you could borrow these particular items because it would mean a lot to them to see those items displayed next to their loved ones. This is a great way to honor military personnel.

Calming Elements

Some people like to include some calming or peaceful elements in their display. You could include rocks, feathers, shells, etc.

These are items that your loved one would find comforting and they make nice additions to the urn display as well. The goal is not to overwhelm the room but just have it be a  nice little extra. 


Once you have an idea of the type of display you want, it's time to think about what room you are going to display it in.  Do you want the urn display to be in a place of honor where everyone can see it or would you prefer something more private and intimate?

Keep in mind that you don't necessarily have to dedicate a room just for the display, this would be more personal preference and choice than anything else. Here are some ideas of places to consider.

Somewhere Quite & Private To You

Some people like to have the display in a place that is quiet and private, which could be their bedroom or even their own personal office. It's nice to have something in their own space where they can reflect on them and tell them all about what is going on with your life. 

In The Main Room Of The House So Everyone Can See

Some people like to display their loved one's urn in the living room because it's one of the more central rooms of the house and everyone goes through there at some point or another during the day. You could put a nice framed photo of your loved one next to them as well, which is very common.

Just make sure that it is not in a place that it could get knocked over or disturbed easily by children or pets.


Finally, keep the size in mind. We talked about the size of the display but this starts with the size of the actual urn. You have a few options that you can consider when deciding. But it really depends ultimately on how you want to display and honor your loved one. 

Full Size Urn

If you are looking for something that is more permanent and will be displayed in a place of honor then you may want to consider a full-sized urn. Full-sized cremation urns come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, which make them the perfect option for making your loved one's presence known.

In addition to being available in different types, they also range from highly affordable prices up to very expensive ones depending on what type of materials were used when creating it. Depending on how long you plan on having this urn around, there can be some additional costs associated with upkeep and maintenance as well.

You should always check the quality before purchasing an urn because you want it to last for years after your loved one has passed away. 

Mid-Size Urn

Another option is to go with a mid-size urn. This is another popular choice because it's not as large as the full-sized but it's still big enough to pay tribute and honor your loved one. Mid-sized urns offer enough space for most people and they don't take up as much room as full-sized ones do.

They also cost less than their bigger counterparts, which is another reason why many people choose them over the other options available on the market today. If you are interested in this option, you can find a wide variety of urns here.

Keepsake Size Urn

If you want to keep your loved ones' ashes all together and close to you, then a keepsake urn is the perfect display. The downsides here are that they may be harder to find or can be too small for some people's tastes. But it really is up to personal preference.

Talk with your family members or friends who knew your loved one and see what they say about the size. You can find some great ideas for keepsake urns here. 

Urn Display Ideas For Your Home

Now that you have an idea of what kind of display you want, let's talk about different ideas that can help you ultimately decide what display would be best for you. There are many ways that you can honor your loved one's memory. Here are some ideas to inspire you.


If you have a mantle in your living room, dining room, or even bedroom, then this can be an ideal place to display your loved one's urn. It's not intrusive but it's also immediately noticeable to everyone who comes in the room. You can easily add a nice framed photo of them next to their urn and really make it a picture-perfect display.


Some recognize the kitchen as the heart of the home making it a good option to have your loved ones ashes displayed because it's not intrusive but everyone can see it when they come into the kitchen. And if your loved one liked cooking, then you could even use something that reminds you of them-like their favorite apron or chef hat. 


If you would like to display your loved one’s ashes in the living room, consider a coffee table. This is an ideal way to display your loved one's ashes because it's not intrusive but it also provides an eye-catching focal point for everyone who comes into the room. You can them in a mid-size urn with other decorative items around it.


Do you have a special family china cabinet in your family or your home? If you do this can be a special way to have your loved one’s urn displayed because it adds an extra layer of meaning and even locks them in as a family heirloom.

You can put a nice framed photo on top of the fireplace with their ashes inside next to it so they are easily noticeable, which will allow you to relax and remember your memories with them.


A unique way to display an urn is by bringing a little of the outdoors inside with potted plants or even flower arrangements that include greenery and flowers from your loved one's favorite season. An indoor garden display is a way to ensure that their memory will live on-whether it's in the form of a living plant or a simple floral display.


If you don't have a fireplace or a mantle you can display your loved one’s urn on a floating shelf display. You can find floating shelves at your local hardware store and they are simple the install. Just be sure that the floating shelf will support the weight of the urn and display.

You can create an eye-catching display and one that not everyone will choose or think about. This could be your chance to make the display truly unique and special for you and your loved ones.


Was your loved one a book lover or enjoyed spending time in the den watching their favorite shows. If you have a room in your home where your loved one spent most of their time then you can display their urn in this room.

If they enjoyed sitting in a certain chair or watching their favorite TV show on the couch, then this would be an excellent choice of display. And you will always remember their presence every time you step into the room.


If you have a hallway in your home then consider creating a hallway table display. This is an opportunity to create an urn display that is attractive and something you will notice every day when you walk inside the house. You can even put a nice vase or bowl with some dried flowers in it next to the urn so it all ties together nicely. 


An outdoor urn display is a unique idea for an urn display because it adds an extra layer of meaning. You can choose to have their ashes buried in the ground next to a tree or even opt for something more elaborate like decorating their urn with seashells from your favorite beach spot.

Having an outdoor display also gives you a space to spend time with your loved one and reflect on your lives together.


A bedside table display is an intimate way to celebrate and honor your loved one. It adds an extra layer of meaning which is one of the most important elements to having an urn display.

If your loved one was frequently in bed or sitting on their favorite chair, then this would be a great place for them to be memorialized. You can put flowers in front of their urn or even a framed picture of them in their favorite chair just to add that extra touch and make it truly meaningful. And you know that they are close by your side every night.


Similar to a bedside table display, an end table display is an intimate way to honor your loved one. Even if you place the display in a living room or den you can still create a more of a personal area and a place in your home that will keep them close to.

You can decorate the table with some flowers or even use an attractive bowl or vase that they liked surrounded by some seashells or other memorabilia from their favorite vacation spot. And every time you sit down in the chair next to it, you'll feel them there.


A picture wall display alongside an urn display is a way to create an informal display that you can put together over time. You can find a simple board or shelf and then add their framed pictures along with mementos from special occasions like birthdays, holidays or even the day they passed away.

Over time you can create a display where you show how your life revolved around them and how you felt about them. Some people like to display their loved ones urn in the living room because it's one of the more central rooms of the house and everyone goes through there at some point or another during the day.

You could put a nice framed photo of your loved one next to them as well, which is very common.


A library display is a way to memorialize someone because it takes advantage of a place where their memories and stories were kept. Extra points if your loved one was an avid reader or if they ran a library or spent a lot of time in one.

Having a lot of books and memories surrounding them means they can rest in peace surrounded by what they loved most: books and literature! And every time you're browsing the shelves, you will be reminded of how important they were to your life.


This is a very popular method for memorializing someone because it takes advantage of a place where their memories and stories were kept. Similar to a picture display you can create a memorial over time with items such as a favorite painting or photograph that means something to them.

These items can be put directly on the wall with their cremation urn displayed next to it. It's a nice way of creating an attractive display that makes it even more personal and meaningful. You can also use a memorial plaque that also can hold cremains.


You can have a memorial tree with photos of your loved one hanging from it. You can create this display indoors and outdoors and have it set next to the urn or incorporate the urn into it.  Outdoor memorial trees are nice because you can have a plaque with your loved one's name, dates, and epitaph underneath it.

As mentioned you can also have an indoor tree for displaying your loved one's cremains. You can put photos or mementos on it in order to personalize this display area in your home. It also can be a great way to keep their memory alive all year long and create a place of honor for them.

Other Ways To Get Ideas For Your Urn Display

If you're still looking for ideas for your urn display there are many places that you can find ideas such as online, from friends and family and even from funeral homes. You will be surprised by all the amazing ideas and feedback you will get with a bit of research or just asking around.


If you're having a difficult time finding ideas for your urn display, one place to start is by looking online. There are many websites that have pictures of ideas as well as ways to create cremation urns displays.  You can look at these and get ideas about what you want to do with your loved one's urn. 


Pinterest is one of the best search engines when looking for visual ideas.  When you type in cremation urn display ideas, numerous boards and listings will come up that can give you many different inspirations for what you want to do with your loved one's memorial urn. Browse the different designs and create a board that you can pin your favorites to. Then you can go back and look at which ones you like best to help you in creating your display. You can also check out accounts like this one for ideas.


Facebook is another great resource for inspiration.   You can create a group for your loved ones and ask others to post pictures of their cremation urn displays or just do a general search looking for ideas. People love sharing what they have done with their own memorial urn displays so that they can give others the inspiration they need as well as find new ideas themselves as they browse through pages and pictures.

There are also many Facebook groups that you can find where people will share their own displays and will even guide you on how to create it yourself or where to find what you are looking for to create your urn display. 


Instagram is a great visual platform where you can find ideas for urn displays as well.  Instagram recently created a search option where you can input phrases such as urn displays and find lots of visual inspiration. You can also use it as an opportunity to connect with others that have lost a loved one and have found creative ideas to honor them.


It's always a good idea to ask family and friends for ideas on how they have displayed their loved one's urn. They will be able to look back at the memories that they shared with your loved one and share what it meant to them in order to give you some inspiration for displaying them in your own home. 

Family and friends will also give you ideas on how to make a display for your loved one. Sometimes they will have pictures or mementos that they did not want after their loss and would be willing to pass it all on to you so that you can use these items in order to create something special in honor of your loved one.


Another great place to ask for ideas is from the funeral home that you have worked with.   Most of them will be more than happy to give you ideas as well as help you create a memorial urn display that honors your loved one as much as possible. 

The funeral home that you work with might also be able to help create the display for your loved one.  They might have suggestions on how they can build or create an exhibition piece for your loved one's memorial urn. If possible, ask them to give you ideas beforehand so that when it comes time to display their remains, you already have an idea in mind and can work with the funeral home to create something that will honor their life.


There is no right or wrong way to display a loved one's urn.  You may want to build a memorial urn display yourself or you might hire an artist to do it for you in order to use your loved one's ashes. It is a very personal decision but no matter what, it should come from your heart because you are the one who will be seeing it every day. If there was something special that your loved one enjoyed doing or somewhere that they loved to visit, then choose something that reminds you of them to display their remains in order to keep their memory alive.

Urn Display Frequently Asked Questions

How can I display ashes at home?

One way that many people choose to display a loved one's ashes is by creating a memorial urn.   This can be done to fit any space.  Some people choose to build their own while others choose to have an artist do it for them. The display will usually include a photo of the person who has passed away, pictures that they might have taken or mementos that remind you of them.

Is it ok to display an urn in my home?

The National Funeral Directors Association states that urns should be kept in a "caring and loving environment" such as your home.  By choosing to display your loved one's cremains at home, will give you the ability to keep their memory alive. 

How can I make my own memorial urn display?

As discussed above one way that you could go about creating a memorial urn display is by looking up ideas on the internet.  There are many images of different styles and ideas that should give you some insight as to what can be done in your own home. You can also ask for the help of friends and family or even look to Facebook groups where others can help you along the way.

Is it wrong to separate cremated ashes?

The act of separating cremated ashes is not only permissible, it's also very common.  Some people may choose to divide up their loved one's remains into two or more memorial urns so that they can have them spread in different locations, all over the world. This will give them the chance to keep their loved one with them no matter  how far they may be from a specific location.

How long will cremated ashes keep?

When properly cared for, urns can provide a safe and secure resting place for your loved one's remains. Most cemeteries have strict rules regarding the time limits of placement so it is important to check with them if you wish to get an idea of just how long yours will last.

Can I scatter cremated ashes in the ocean?

Generally speaking, scattering urns are usually not allowed in cemeteries because they have certain restrictions that people have to follow when placing their loved one's remains. Scattering them over vast bodies of water is another way to say goodbye to your loved one.

What are good items to set around my husband's urn?

Because the memorial urn is meant to be a place where you can keep your loved one's cremated ashes, there are no strict rules about how you should set it out. You could choose to add some of their favorite things such as photos or mementos that they may have enjoyed. It's also important to add items that remind you of them as well because that is ultimately what this should be about.

Is it bad luck to open an urn?

In most cultures, urns have been seen to represent a vessel that holds something precious so when they are placed in homes or on altars it is a good luck symbol.  Most people wonder whether it is bad luck to open an urn.  It is not necessarily bad luck to open an urn however if it is against someone’s wishes to do so then you should be mindful of this. 

Where is the best place to display an urn in my home and maintain a good Feng Shui?

According to many Feng Shui experts, urns are said to bring positive chi. They should therefore be displayed in the living room or family area.  If you do not have a layout that can accommodate this kind of display then you should consider choosing an area that makes the most sense for your unique needs.

A Beautiful Display Of Love & Devotion

When a loved one passes away, it's important to find ways to honor their memory. One way is by displaying the cremains of your loved ones in an area where you can enjoy them every day. We hope you were able to find some ideas here for how you might do so and what some people consider as meaningful focal points around which they display their urns for cremains. 

Have any other thoughts on this topic? Let us know! We'd love to hear from you about your experience with these emotional decisions-whether that be deciding where you want those final remains displayed or pursuing funeral services like traditional burial and cremation options.

January 31, 2022 by Frances Kay