Step-By-Step Guide For Choosing And Purchasing Fingerprint Jewelry

You may have heard of fingerprint jewelry before, or the concept might instead be completely new to you. Either way, you’ll learn more about it in this step by step guide. We will take you through everything you need to know about choosing and purchasing the best fingerprint jewelry, while answering any questions you might have.

This guide will address what fingerprint jewelry is, why you would want it, and who would want to own a piece of jewelry. We will also discuss where you would get someone’s fingerprint, how to decide what kind of fingerprint jewelry you would like, plus we’ll dive into the way the ordering process works. This way, you will know all the ins and outs of memorial fingerprint jewelry, and you’ll be a pro when it comes time to order it.

What Is Fingerprint Jewelry?

Firstly, let’s start with the basics and talk about exactly what fingerprint jewelry is. Custom fingerprint jewelry, or print jewelry, is a kind of jewelry which features a laser engraving of the exact imprint of someone’s actual fingerprint. It’s an amazing concept, and a great way to memorialize the ones we love.

Fingerprint jewelry is about as personalized and unique as a memorial keepsake item can get. It symbolizes your loved one’s identity in a way that nothing else truly can—except perhaps a piece of fingerprint jewelry that holds ashes.

We will dive into more about the other kinds of ways you can personalize your keepsake later, though.

Why Would You Want A Piece Of Fingerprint Jewelry?

There are lots of reasons someone might want to own a piece of fingerprint jewelry. The best part is that it’s a great way to remember someone whether they’re still with us today or not. You will find that they can be fitting for anyone, no matter their life circumstance.


The first thing people tend to think about when they see a piece of fingerprint jewelry is that it represents loved ones we have lost. It can provide true comfort in an otherwise painful and challenging time in life. Below are a few reasons fingerprint jewelry works so well to symbolize those who are no longer with us.

Commemorates Loved Ones

You also might want to have a unique remembrance of a loved one that has passed. This kind of gift could be for yourself or someone close to you who has lost a loved one, such as someone whose friend has died, a parent who has lost their child, or someone who has lost a sibling.

A friend who has experienced the death of a grandparent would certainly appreciate having their print forever engraved into a beautiful pendant. It would also serve as a thoughtful gift for someone suffering the death of their spouse.

If you or someone else has lost a parent, fingerprint jewelry can help you to commemorate their life. It can serve as a token of their memory, and a long-lasting symbol of a life well-lived.

This personalized jewelry can help to give someone a stronger sense of purpose after they’re gone because it helps to symbolize the love the wearer still has for them.

Trendy Way To Keep Their Memory Alive

Not only is fingerprint jewelry a great way to commemorate those we’ve lost—it’s also a trendy way to do so.

According to Smart Cremation, the ways in which we commemorate our loved ones has evolved. “In the past, the most common keepsakes to remember someone by were usually family heirlooms like a piece of jewelry that belonged to someone special or an antique piece of furniture to pass down through the generations.”

This trend has picked back up lately, but with modern-day style.

Jewelry Talk states that “In recent years, fingerprint jewelry pieces have become more popular than ever before; mainly because they provide a unique way to celebrate, remember, or commemorate a significant relationship…the newest trend is fingerprint jewelry that memorializes a close relationship by capturing the fingerprint or thumbprint of your loved one, (or even a beloved animal) in a piece of jewelry,” the site states.

A piece of fingerprint jewelry is a wonderful and trendy way to help keep their memory alive in 2021.


Fingerprint jewelry is not only for commemorating those who have passed on. “Unlike other cremation keepsakes, fingerprint jewelry is not necessarily associated with death and is fast becoming a popular choice for non-death occasions because it is so personal and unique. 

For instance, people are opting for fingerprinted wedding bands, necklaces to celebrate the birth of a new baby imprinted with the baby’s footprints, and to celebrate a milestone anniversary,” an article on Smart Cremation explains. This is a way to show them how thankful you are for what they represent in your life.

Special Events

For instance, you may want to commemorate a special event such as a wedding, birthday or other holiday. A custom fingerprint gift would be perfect for marking the depth and meaningfulness of those events.

Some great examples of gifts for such occasions are fingerprint wedding bands, which can symbolize the pure love newlyweds have for each other, all in one little band; an engagement ring or a promise ring that one can give to their partner or intended spouse.

It could also serve as an item to give to a sibling as a gift for their birthday. This is a great way to show them how much they mean to you. You could also plan to give a piece of fingerprint jewelry to a mom or a grandmother on Mother’s Day.

Similarly, you could choose this keepsake jewelry as a special gift for your dad or grandfather as a way to honor them on Father's Day.

Other Life Events

Other life events to consider for giving the gift of fingerprint jewelry are for a bride to give to her bridal party members, or just to her maid of honor perhaps; a gift for a groom’s best man and/or groomsmen; or even a birthday gift for a best friend who has moved or who is moving away soon.

You could also choose to buy a fingerprint jewelry keepsake item for a first-time mom. This would make a great gift for any new parent though—a father, too.

You could get the baby’s handprint or footprint engraved onto a stylish pendant, which could then be passed down later in life from the mom to the child.

A Long Distance Gift

It’s also a wonderful gift to give to someone who lives far away. Living distantly from family and close friends is incredibly hard, but a gesture like giving that faraway loved one the gift of a fingerprint keepsake can make it feel so much easier.

It can serve as a reminder to you both that the distance doesn’t affect your love for one another.

Symbolize Your Relationship

Print jewelry such as 14k fingerprint jewelry, fingerprint coins, and many other popular styles have become a special way to show the meaning of your relationship with someone important to you.

This goes even further when a text or signature engraving is added. It could serve as a token of gratitude to a best friend, sibling, or parent. It could also be a wonderful Christmas or birthday gift for a partner or child. The kinds of people you could gift this kind of memorial jewelry to is endless.

Honor The Military

Fingerprint jewelry can also be a way to honor anyone whom has served in the military. There are dog tag pendants that would fit perfectly, but any pendant will be fitting. The important thing is the unique aspect of the fingerprint engraving on the pendant, which could keep someone serving or who has served close to you at all times.

This would work for someone who has died and who served, in which case you would likely want it for yourself or one of their loved ones; or it could be a great thing to buy for someone in the military who is still alive. They could keep it with them when they are too far from their family.

It's Wearable Art

One of the things that make keepsake jewelry, and particularly fingerprint jewelry so intriguing is that each piece is so unique and artistic. There are so many ways to customize them that you know you will have a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

This allows wearers to speak volumes about who they are and what means the most to them—all without saying anything. Fingerprint jewelry says it all for you.

For Couples

Even if you aren’t getting married or engaged, fingerprint jewelry serves as a very romantic gift for a significant other.

You can get your partner a pendant with your fingerprint engraved on it, or alternatively, you could get a pendant which allows for two fingerprints (yours and theirs) to be combined together onto one pendant. You could then order two of them—one for them, one for you.

Don’t forget your favorite couple’s anniversary coming up, whether it’s your parents, grandparents, or your friends. A pair of fingerprint jewelry keepsakes would be an excellent gift for such a date.


Fingerprint jewelry is commonly talked about with regards to the past or present, but not as often is it discussed as a gift for our future family members. Nonetheless, it is a great gift for the generations to come. A piece of fingerprint jewelry can be given to your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so on.

A Family Heirloom

The main reason fingerprint jewelry keepsakes are perfect gifts for future loved ones is because they serve as great family heirlooms.

It’s much easier buying something knowing it will last many lifetimes since it can be passed down the future generations. If you could have a ring or necklace with your great-grandmother’s fingerprint engraved on it, it would certainly be a special item to you; your future generations will likely feel the same way.

Besides, sentimental value isn’t the only reason this is a common object for family heirlooms. The metals fingerprint jewelry is made from also increase its value over time. That’s another reason these pieces of jewelry are often passed down from one generation to the next.

Where Do I Get A Fingerprint?

There are a few different ways that you can get someone’s fingerprint. Firstly, most funeral homes take prints of the deceased. The family can request a copy of the prints from there. If the person was in the military, they usually take prints and have them on their service records. So that’s another option for those whose loved one served.

Also, there is always the option to get their fingerprint by using our fingerprint kit if they are still alive. We supply a free fingerprint kit that you can use to take their prints.

You can also use the kit if you want to make a copy of your prints to order some fingerprint jewelry for loved ones.

However, there are more ways to obtain prints. If you would rather not wait for the kit, you can purchase a regular ink pad and take the prints yourself. You simply need a white piece of paper.


There are even more alternative options for getting a print if you don’t have one easily accessible. For instance, if the person whose print you want has died, and you don’t have prints from the funeral home or can’t access them, you can dust for their prints.

This probably brings to mind your favorite criminal TV show or movie—it’s pretty much just like that! You can find instructions online on how to “dust” an item or a home for a print of the person.

Although the dusting method can be fun and official-feeling, there are even more options. This other method that you can use might surprise you. You can actually obtain your loved one’s prints by use of a photo. If you have a quality photo of their hand, you can get their fingerprint that way. Just make sure the photo is of a high resolution.


A Clean Set-up Is Key

Make sure to always have a clean and dry finger when taking the fingerprint. Fingerprints have unique patterns of different lines and layouts. These patterns won’t be as clear if your fingers are damp or dirty at all.

Once your finger is clean and dry, you can then apply the ink. The ink pad or ink strip should be on a flat, hard surface during this step, which will make it easier and give you better results. Tap the finger you intend to print several times on the ink pad to make sure that your finger is evenly covered with a good amount of ink.

Paper And Proper Pressure For Your Print

Then, place the piece of paper or cardstock on a flat surface in order to create the fingerprint. Tap your inked finger onto the surface of the cardstock, making sure to apply firm pressure.

However, make sure you do not apply too much pressure to the paper. Doing so could cause the fingerprint to smudge and smear. Repeat several times until you are satisfied with at least one of the prints.

Quality Counts

Once you’ve made the prints, look at them very closely. The quality of your print is very important when it comes to the engraving part of the custom fingerprint jewelry process.

If there is a lack of clarity with the fingerprint you upload, it will decrease the details within your fingerprint jewelry. The lines and details should be clearly depicted.

Protect Your Privacy

It’s also important for you to find a trusted jeweler to help you make your fingerprint jewelry. Fingerprints are considered personal and private data. Choose a trustworthy company that will store the fingerprints in a secure database.

Although Etsy is a popular personalized jewelry site, you should try choosing another store if you have any privacy concerns. Jewelers on Etsy are from all over the world, which means an individual seller may not be capable of protecting your fingerprint details as well.

How Do I Decide What Type Of Fingerprint Jewelry I Want To Purchase?

With so many options out there for fingerprint jewelry, and so many ways of customizing it, choosing your special keepsake can feel a little overwhelming. However, it can be very helpful to know what questions to ask yourself before you decide on your purchase.


For example, you might want to ask yourself whether or not this is going to be something you wear every day. Alternatively, consider whether it will be for special occasions only.

You should also consider which type of jewelry do you like to wear the most, such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, or even earrings. Also, think about how much you usually wear—and whether you usually wear more than one kind of jewelry at once, or if wearing lots of it might make you feel too crowded and weighed down.

The most important thing to think about is your comfort and how much you will realistically wear something. On the other hand, if you are okay with buying a piece of fingerprint jewelry to hang up somewhere in your room or car instead of wearing on your body every day, then that could be an option as well.


Think about the shape of pendant you might want, as this sets the tone for the style of your fingerprint jewelry. You might choose a heart shaped, round, or a square-shaped pendant. It could additionally be rectangularly shaped, or even oval.

Our shapes go on to include even more unique options, like bar shapes and four-leaf clover shaped pendants. Check out the full array of pendant shape options below. You can also see the pendants available on our pendants page.

Heart Shape

A heart-shaped pendant gives wearers a classically sweet style, symbolizing love better than any other pendant. This shape says it all, and needs no explanation for what it represents. Top it off with your loved one’s handwriting and fingerprint, and your piece is complete.

Round Shape

Round, or circular, is a timeless shape that doesn’t stand out too much while still being perfectly trendy. It’s the most versatile shape, meaning it can be worn with any outfit—whether you’re dressing up or going the cozy casual route instead.

Square Shape

Square-shaped pendants provide a bit of an edge. It’s clean-looking, and can make your fingerprint jewelry look extra sharp. However, it’s not too sharp that it can’t be worn with your favorite sweatpants and hoodie, too.

Rectangular Shape

Rectangular, similar to square but with more length on one side, is yet another classic shape that can look good with pretty much any outfit you feel like wearing. It’s also great for those who would like a little more surface area to work with when adding their customized engravings to their pendant.

Oval Shape

Oval-shaped pendants are great for anyone looking for a round pendant, but who would also like a little more space to work with. Although engravings can be scaled to fit any pendant shape, you may want to enlarge your engraving a little more.

This shape lets you do that. Oval also provides that vintage or antique look, so it’s the perfect shape for anyone looking to step back in time with their fingerprint jewelry.

Bar Shape

The bar-shaped pendant is a popular one because of the dramatic feel it creates. It’s a statement all in itself, yet it’s still simple enough to be versatile. It looks great with any outfit and is the perfect accompaniment to any style. That’s why the bar shape is a shape that can be worn every day.

Four Leaf Clover Shape

This shape is much more unique than the others. A four-leaf clover shaped pendant is the shape for those looking to really set their fingerprint jewelry apart. It stands out, while representing luck, hope, and love.

Maybe you want to express how lucky you feel to have had your loved one in your life—made more significant by the special engravings you can add to your pendant.

My State Shape

You can also get a pendant in the shape of your state, which might symbolize the place where you met your loved one, spent most of your time together, or even a place where you both loved visiting together. 

Dog Tag Shape

A dog tag pendant is a great idea for someone who was in the military, or for their friends and family members, too. However, it can be the perfect pendant choice for anyone who simply likes the style of a dog tag.

It’s similar to rectangular pendants, but the corners are more rounded. This provides a cooler, more rugged look.

Octagon Shape

An octagon-shaped pendant is more unique than your average shape. It has eight edges and therefore provides more of a quirky—yet tasteful—look. It’s best described as a cross between the dog tag shape and the rectangular shape.

The corners being cut off instead of rounded creates the eight edges. Overall, it is still quite a versatile look for fingerprint jewelry.

Diamond Shape

The diamond shape is quite classy and refined. It has all the best traits of a pendant—versatile, sharp-looking, and pretty. 

Cross Shape

A cross is perfect for those who are religious, but it’s perfect for any wearer who is drawn to it. It’s one of those shapes that can be worn every day with any style, too.


What type of material are you wanting your keepsake to be designed in? This is an important part of the decision-making process to consider. One way to go about deciding might be to find out which metal type compliments your skin tone—or your loved one’s skin tone.

One way to go about deciding might be to find out which metal type complements your skin tone—or your loved one’s skin tone. Your options range between sterling silver, plated over sterling silver, gold plated, rose gold plated, and black plated. There are also options of solid 14K Yellow Gold or Solid 14K White Gold, and stainless steel.

You can actually read about the different jewelry colors and what is more flattering to who to figure out your best jewelry material to buy based on your complexion.

Sterling Silver

This material of fingerprint jewelry provides a bright, white appearance. It works very well on people who have cooler skin tones, since silver tends to complement it more nicely. Neutral skin tones look great with any color of metal, so sterling silver would be a great choice for them as well.

Sterling silver is beautiful and valuable, although more affordable than gold. It can tarnish if not properly maintained, however, due to the copper that must be mixed in.

A Fashion Blog explains this well in a blog post. “So, to compensate for the malleability of sterling silver, pure silver is blended with other metals such as copper. Sterling silver, is regarded as the purer forms of silver as it has 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of the other metal, often copper,” the blog explains.

Overall:  This color is great on those with both cool and neutral colors of skin. Make sure you maintain your jewelry well over the years, and it can be a wonderful and lasting choice for your fingerprint jewelry style.

Gold Plated

This color will have the same effect as other yellow metals—it will look great on warmer and neutral skin tones. It gives the same beautiful look of gold jewelry without the higher cost.

Gold plated jewelry will not be as pure or quality as pure gold will. It will tarnish over time, since it is mainly comprised of other metals, and layered thinly on the outside with pure gold. However, it will be much more affordable for those shopping for fingerprint jewelry on a budget.

Overall: This jewelry type is complementary for warm and neutral skin tones. It may tarnish sooner than 14k gold jewelry will, but it’s a more affordable option, and you can certainly manage the tarnish by cleaning it well.

Rose Gold Plated

Similarly to gold plated jewelry, rose gold plated is layered on the outside with rose gold. It provides a romantic and vintage feel to the jewelry, which is what makes this choice so popular. Since it’s warmer, it will complement warmer and neutral skin tones well.

Rose gold is more durable than yellow or white, but since this type of jewelry is plated with rose gold, it will tarnish over time and will need to be cleaned often. However, it’s a beautiful and affordable jewelry option.

Overall: This jewelry color is beautiful, unique, and romantic. It will need more maintenance to prevent tarnishing, but it is an excellent choice for those looking for fingerprint jewelry on a budget.

Black Plated

This color gives the wearer a more edgy, rugged look; it can also make other metals pop even more. It can work with any skin tone as well as any style. Since it is a plated metal, it will tarnish over time. However, it can leave the jewelry with a unique, gunmetal-style look.

Overall: Black plated jewelry looks good on any skin tone, and can be a great choice for any style.

Solid 14K Yellow Gold

14k yellow gold is warm and will complement warm or neutral skin tones very well. It’s a beautiful completion to any outfit. Solid gold is much softer than plated gold, but is pure and will last lifetimes if properly cared for.

Overall: 14k gold is beautiful and elegant. It’s the perfect accent to any outfit. It’s a pure form of gold and lasts a very long time.

Solid 14K White Gold

White gold is a cool tone, and will therefore look beautiful on cooler skin tones as well as neutral ones. Solid 14k means that it is pure, and will not tarnish. This high-quality metal is worth buying if you aren’t working on a budget in your search for the perfect fingerprint jewelry.

Overall: Solid 14k white gold will be perfect for you if you have a cooler or neutral skin tone, have more wiggle room in your budget, and prefer high-quality material that will last.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a metal than can look good on anyone, and can be fitting to anyone’s style. According to Quick Jewelry Repairs, “Stainless steel is a metal compound of iron, carbon, and chromium…it’s also used to make jewelry and because the metal is corrosion and heat-resistant, it can make a great addition to your jewelry box. The jewelry is harder to scratch and can withstand the sun, the sand, and the sea.”

This metal has an outstanding value, since it is more affordable than others while having a pleasant appearance. It is also the most eco-friendly metal in the world, according to Quick Jewelry Repairs. However, it can dent quite easily. Availability may also be more limited than with other metals.

Overall: Stainless steel boasts a lot of advantages, such as affordability and being economically friendly. It’s a stylish and versatile metal that can work for anyone.


If you are looking to incorporate cremation ashes into the fingerprint jewelry, consider whether you would want the pendant to hold ashes, or if you’d prefer the piece of jewelry to be made with ashes mixed in. This is a very emotional and meaningful decision to make.

If a loved one has passed away and was cremated, it might be fitting to get a piece of fingerprint engraved jewelry that also has space to carry around their ashes wherever you go.

This is another option out there for anyone who wants their loved one’s ashes incorporated into the piece of jewelry they buy, but they’d rather not carry around the actual ashes inside of compartment in the jewelry pendant.

How To Decide Between The Two

The best way to decide between these two is to focus on the differences between both options. Cremation jewelry literally stores a bit of the ashes, while ash jewelry has ashes mixed into the very material of the piece.

Maybe you don’t want loose ashes involved, and would prefer them mixed into the art. If this is the case, you could consider something like this beautifully intricate, small circle ash and fingerprint necklace.

Overall, ashes into jewelry is a good alternative for those who might be bothered by the idea of carrying their loved one’s actual ashes around in a cavity of the jewelry.

The Style Differences

Since cremation jewelry tends to be chunkier than ashes being mixed into jewelry, that might be something else to consider when it comes to your typical style preferences.

If you want to minimize the size of the pendant, then you might prefer going with a piece that has ashes mixed into the jewelry. If you like thicker pendants, however, then cremation jewelry might be a good option for you. Something like this quaint diamond fingerprint necklace would be a perfect choice.


Something else to decide on when shopping for your perfect fingerprint jewelry piece is whether you want to have engraved text on the pendant.

If you do, each pendant will show you how many lines and characters per line it will take. Therefore, the text will help you to determine which pendant is most fitting for you or your loved one’s needs.

This means you should also be deciding what kind of text you might want engraved on the pendant. For instance, you might want a name, a meaningful date, a nickname of your loved one, or even a special saying you two used to share together.

You should also consider if you’d like a piece of fingerprint jewelry that has your loved one’s handwriting on it. A beautiful example of this is our signature round fingerprint necklace.


You can also think about whether you might want the fingerprint jewelry to have a birthstone or gemstone on it. Adding stones could be representative of many different things, such as the month your loved one was born, the month they died, the month you met them, or simply their favorite color. It could also symbolize the meaning behind each gemstone color.

According to Mountz Jewelers, there’s a deeper meaning than meets the eye with the twelve birthstones. “Traditionally, birthstones have a reputation for improving the health and well-being of people born in their respective months. The birthstone colors add to the gemstones' symbolic qualities,” the site explains.

For example, the March birthstone is said to encourage hope, creativity, self-expression and confidence. Meanwhile, the July birthstone is known for helping to protect its wearers against misfortune and negative energies. See what your birthstone represents.


If you don’t wear jewelry or this is a gift someone wants to buy you, there are still lots of other options for fingerprint keepsakes. You can get keepsake items in different forms, such as keychains, bookmarks, pocket knives, and memorial coins.


With this keepsake item, the pendant is the focus. You can customize it by choosing a variety of shapes, such as oval, square, heart, or rectangular.

The fingerprint will be featured on one side, leaving room on the other for a text engraving, a signature, or even a birthstone. These can be on the same side as the fingerprint as well, if you’d like.

A keychain can go in the obvious place—along with the rest of your keys—or, it can be hung on a hook in your room on display. You could also place it on the side of a mirror or in a shadow box in the living room, for example.


Bookmarks are both useful and meaningful in this case—get a fingerprint-engraved bookmark with additional engraving options like your loved one’s name, a meaningful date, a quote running along the length of the bookmark, etc. You might even opt to get their photo engraved on one side.

When you aren’t using it to hold your place in your favorite book, you could display a bookmark on an end table, mantlepiece, or dining room table centerpiece. There are actually endless places you could tastefully decorate your home using a keepsake bookmark.

Pocket Knives

A pocket knife would be an ideal gift for anyone who prefers practical gifts and who doesn’t often wear jewelry. This might be a father, brother, grandfather, or son/daughter. Make it more special by adding a text or handwriting engraving with the fingerprint, or even by adding a gemstone to one side of it.

Pocket knives are most commonly kept, intuitively, in one’s pocket. However, they can also be stored in a bag, purse, or car console or glove compartment. These are handy tools to have around the house as well, and can be kept in tools drawers or cabinets.

More likely though, you’ll want to display the fingerprint engraved pocket knife where people can see it. For that reason, you might want to place it onto a decorative tray you might have on a coffee table or ottoman.

Memorial Coins

A memorial coin is a popular keepsake item for those who don’t wear jewelry, but would love to carry a memorial item of their loved one around with them.

Just like with the other keepsake items, you can personalize it by adding the fingerprint, plus any other engravings you would like. It’s a great item for adding a photo engraving on one side of the coin.

Memorial coins are easy to grab and take with you wherever you go, and can be carried in your pocket, wallet, any purse compartment, or displayed under the radio of your car. These keepsake coins can also be framed and kept in your room, or placed on a decorative tray anywhere in the house.

How Does The Ordering Process Work?

The ordering process is fairly straightforward and easy to navigate. First, you have to decide on the pendant you’d like for your keepsake. Then, you will be asked if you already have a print to upload, or if you need a fingerprint kit to lift it yourself.


In the case that you do need a kit, we will send one out to you immediately after you place the order. Then, once you take a copy of the fingerprint, you can use the QR code on the fingerprint card provided.

Simply take a picture of the fingerprints on the card. Then, you will need to scan that QR code with your phone’s camera in order to upload the prints. Email is also an option: if you go this route, you just need to email the fingerprint to us at along with your order number.


If you have the print already, you simply choose the option on the order page to upload the print. Continue moving through the checkout process from there.


With all our extra customization options, you might want to add other elements to your fingerprint jewelry item. For example, if the pendant you chose also has the deceased person's handwriting on it, there will be an upload button for the photo of the handwriting. You will have the option in a dropdown box to enter any regular text that you may want engraved on the item as well.

You will also see an order comments section where you can write any specific directions in if needed. Additionally, you can select whether you would like a proof of the fingerprint design before our team begins the engraving. There will be a dropdown box to choose what length of chain you would like—this would apply to orders with a necklace.


Once you have placed the order, it usually takes 2-3 days for the item to be engraved, polished, etc. We package your items in a lovely velvet jewelry box and wrap it safe and securely for delivery. We take pride in the presentation of our keepsake jewelry items because first impressions are everything.

If you have any issues with ordering online, or don’t like to order online, you can always call us at our toll-free number at 1-877-723-4242. We would be happy to take your order over the phone.

Fingerprint Jewelry Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my fingerprint jewelry? 

A little bit of maintenance will keep you fingerprint jewelry looking its best. Here are our cleaning tips:

  • Use a jeweler's cloth or dry lint-free cloth twice a month to gently wipe away any oil or residue build-up on the exterior of the jewelry.
  • A jewelry polishing cloth can be used to bring out the shine and beauty of the metal.
  • Never use harsh jewelry cleaners on your fingerprint jewelry as the cleaners can compromise the integrity of the metal.
  • Store your fingerprint jewelry in a cool dry area to help prevent tarnishing.

Can I have more than one fingerprint engraved on a piece of jewelry?

You absolutely can! The Two Fingerprint Heart Fingerprint Pendant, for example, can be engraved with a portion of two separate fingerprints.

What type of shipping is available for fingerprint jewelry?

For shipping, you can choose between the following options:

  • UPS Ground shipping, which is 5-7 days
  • UPS air shipping, which is the 2nd day shipping option
  • UPS overnight delivery

How do I know if the fingerprint is good enough to make the jewelry?

The key is to make sure you have no smudges, as well as clear edges around the fingerprint you want to use. Those are the most important things to pay attention to when sending in your print.

Can you make a custom design that I like instead of the designs offered on your website?

Yes, we also do custom designs! We would be happy to work with you to design the fingerprint pendant you are looking for. Call our customer service at 1-877-723-4242 or email us at and we will be happy to assist!

How long does fingerprint jewelry last?

With proper care, our fingerprint jewelry can last a lifetime and beyond. Make sure to follow our tips on cleaning and caring for your fingerprint memorial jewelry. 

How do I get a fingerprint if I am not a family member?

You may not have access to the fingerprints taken by the funeral home, but you can still get a loved one’s fingerprint via another route: dusting for fingerprints. You can follow the steps for this process on Wiki How’s page.

In a nutshell, you would use a darker powder like cocoa powder for lighter surfaces, and lighter powder such as baby powder for dark surfaces. Using clear tape, pick up the print onto the tape and transfer the tape onto an index card or other color of paper (light for dark powder, and dark paper for light). Take a photo of the print, upload it to us, and you’re done!

Can I shower with my fingerprint jewelry on?

Although many of the metals we work with to make our pendants have anti-tarnishing qualities, it’s best to not wear them in the shower. Minerals found in water can ruin the integrity of the piece.

I’d like to order fingerprint jewelry for my whole family. Do you do discounts for large orders?

Yes, we do! We love passing on savings to our customers and would be happy to work with you on a discount for a larger order. Check out our coupons and discounts page to see what kinds of offers are currently available. Also, we are always available via email at or by calling 1-877-723-7229.

Can you feel the actual fingerprint on the jewelry?

Yes! You can certainly feel the texture of the fingerprint on our keepsake fingerprint jewelry.

How long do funeral homes keep fingerprints?

Funeral homes typically keep fingerprints of the deceased for as long as they remain in business.

Do they take fingerprints when you die?

Yes—this is normally a part of the process when you take them to a funeral home. They typically take the fingerprints of the deceased, and this is a common place from which you can retrieve the prints you need for your keepsake.

What can you do with a loved one’s fingerprints?

You can help ease your pain or a close friend or family member’s pain following the death of their loved one with a fingerprint memorial jewelry, or even a cremation pendant with fingerprint engraved. You can also get a fingerprint coin made from their prints as well. These items can help keep a deceased loved one close and carry them with you wherever you go.

What if I want to give a piece of fingerprint jewelry as a gift, but don’t know what style pendant the person would like?

You can always give them a gift card to use at our online store! That way, they can choose their specific preferences for their fingerprint jewelry piece. Otherwise, you could simply tell them to pick out what they’d like, and once they have done so you can pay for it.

A Custom Fingerprint Reminder Of Those You Cherish Most

No matter what your reason for purchasing a piece of fingerprint jewelry, you certainly won’t regret it. There are so many different ways you can further customize your special piece as well. This makes it easy to personalize it as a gift for someone else, or to make it more meaningful for yourself.

We hope this guide has given you a better understanding of fingerprint jewelry, and that it has helped you decide the characteristics you would like your piece of print jewelry to have added to it. With such an important item that will hold so much meaning, it’s vital that you feel empowered in which fingerprint jewelry item you choose.

Updated July 18, 2021 by Frances Kay