Cremation Jewelry Frequently Asked Questions

When will my Cremation Urn Jewelry ship?

In most cases, your cremation urn jewelry will ship out in 24 hours or less. Our standard shipping is FREE. Most standard shipping orders arrive in 5 to 7 days. 2nd Day Air UPS and Overnight UPS are available. You can make your shipping selection in the checkout section of the online order form, or call us at 1-877-723-4242.

What is included with the Cremation Urn Jewelry?

Your cremation urn jewelry includes a Gold or Silver chain (depending on the finish of your cremation urn jewelry), a gift box, and a funnel to assist in filling in the cremation urn jewelry.

Can my cremation urn jewelry be engraved?

Some of our cremation urn jewelry pendants are engravable, and some are not. The description that follows the cremation urn jewelry will indicate whether or not the cremation urn jewelry can be engraved. If you have any other questions about engraving, please call us at 1-877-723-4242.

Do I fill the cremation jewelry myself?

Yes, your cremation urn jewelry is shipped with a funnel to assist you in filling the cremation urn jewelry. If you do not feel comfortable filling your cremation urn jewelry, your funeral home director may help you with this. If you wish, we may arrange to have the cremation urn jewelry sent directly to your funeral home. You can indicate this on the online order form in the "Special Instructions for Merchant" section, or call us at 1-877-723-4242.

How much of the remains will fit into the cremation jewelry?

The interior cavity of your cremation urn jewelry is very small. The interior volume of our smallest cremation urn jewelry is just a little bit larger than the size of a pencil eraser.

How do the remains go "into" the cremation urn jewelry?

Your cremation urn jewelry will have a threaded top or bottom that will allow you to fill your cremation urn jewelry.

Can I only put ashes in my cremation urn jewelry?

No, you can put anything you like into your cremation urn jewelry. Other suggestions are a small amount of cremains, a lock of hair, some dried flowers from funeral arrangements, or some sacred ground from the burial site.

Does the pendant seal tightly?

Yes, the pendant seals extremely tight, and is resistant to most elements.

Are all of your cremation urn jewelry pendants fill-able"?

The majority of our cremation urn jewelry pendants can be filled. However, most of the Laser Engraved Photo Pendants can not be filled. If you are not sure the cremation urn jewelry you are interested in is fill-able or not, please call us at 1-877-723-4242.

Is your cremation urn jewelry for women or men?

Our cremation urn jewelry pendants are for both. Our entire line is considered unisex and can be enjoyed be either women or men.

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