Solid 14K White Gold Hearts On Fire Ashes Into Jewelry

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This exceptional Solid 14K White Gold Hearts On Fire Ashes Into Jewelry is a loving and exciting way to visually display your love for someone that has passed from your life. The made by hand pendant is solid 14k white gold and is polished by hand before being sent out. The center of the heart is a mixture of a small amount of cremated ashes and a glass like resin to create a wonderful and personal expression of devotion. Each Solid 14K White Gold Hearts On Fire Ash Pendant comes with a matching chain for free and makes for a wonderful gift to pass down to future generations.

We make it as easy as possible to get the ashes from you. Once your order is placed, an ash collection kit is immediately sent out and it includes a postage paid envelope to return the ashes to us. Any ashes not used in the makeup of the pendant are returned along with the finished product.

We also encourage our customers to further personalize their selection and really make it their own. Each White Gold Hearts On Fire can be engraved with personalized text and you can also change out the chain for one of a different length or color. We also can do a different color for the center of the heart. Call us at 1-877-723-4242  or email us at to discuss your color options.


9/16" W x 9/16" H

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Solid 14K White Gold

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Free 20" Matching Chain
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