Sunrise Cremation Urn Print

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Cremation Product Description
The Sunrise cremation urn painting is an innovative and unique way to remember your loved one that has passed away. Each Sunrise painting is individually hand painted and no two are alike. You will receive a retrieval kit in the mail to collect the cremated ashes and the ashes are mixed with an earth friendly compound and the paint before being sealed. Our Sunrise urn painting is framed in a black satin frame.

Cremation Product Features

  • Individual artwork made with your loved ones cremains
  • Framed in a Satin Black frame
  • Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist
  • We mail you a Cremains Collection kit after order is placed

The loss of a family member, friend or even a pet can have a devastating effect on an individual and the grief process can take anywhere from several weeks to several months. Choosing a cremation painting can bring you some peace and comfort during the difficult moments.