Carnation Purple Individual Cremation Urn

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With a robust burgundy color, the Carnation Purple Individual Urn provides a stunning resting place for the ashes of a loved one!  The beautiful burgundy plum color is complimented by the nickel band around the top of the urn and around the bottom and the lid can be easily removed to allow for easy adding of the ashes to the interior.  The Carnation Purple Individual urn has an interior capacity of 230 cubic inches which means it can hold the ashes of a person that weighed 230 pounds or less.  Each Carnation Purple urn is ideal for men and women alike and can be displayed anywhere in the home as a reminder of a loved one that has passed on.
Urn Size: 10 1/4"h x 6 3/4"w


10 1/4"h x 6 3/4"w

Urn Capacity:

230 cu inches = 230 lbs

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Engraved Easel


Brass with Nickel Accents

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