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Our Classic Memorial Package is a wonderful idea for those that are looking for a way to share a memory of their loved one with a few family members or close friends. Our most affordable memorial package, it includes a small selection of personalized keepsakes that make for a cherished gift for families to extend to those that were a part of their loved one's inner circle. The Classic Memorial Package has a lovely personalized keepsake box, photo magnets and keychains that are personalized with any image that you select. That smile, that twinkle in their eye or that favorite candid shot can be lovingly shared with siblings, children, grandchildren and best friends. Ideal for those that have a smaller family service, give members of the family a 'take away' token of love and share one of your most favorite memories with some of your loved one's most favorite people. Beautiful and affordable, we can ship in a matter of days and completely personal to your loved one.
Your package includes:
  • Memorial Keepsake Box Qty (1) - The memorial keepsake box features a small wood box that will hold small mementos in memory of your loved one. The memorial box measures 5” wide x 5” length x 2 ⅝” high and is personalized with up to five lines of text on the top face. The text is arranged as follows: line 1 (20 char max), lines 2-4 (30 char max per line) and line 5 (20 char max).
  • Metal Photo Magnets Qty (10) - The image of your loved one is personalized onto a 2 1/2’ x 3 ¾” metal plate with magnetic strips on the back. We further personalized the metal photo magnets with the name of your loved one and the initials are raised, allowing you to feel them with your fingertips. The package include 10 photo magnets.
  • Photo Engraved Keychains Qty (3) - The image of your loved one is personalized on the front face of the round stainless steel photo engraved keychain and provides a wonderful way for families to share a favorite memory. There are 53 photo engraved keychains included with the package and the keychain measures 1" wide x 1 1/4" high.