Dance of Life Companion - Bronze & Blue

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The stunning Dance of Life Companion - Bronze & Blue cremation urn lets you honor and remember the life of someone that danced through life with you. The urn is hand cast resin cultured wood and two figures that balance beautifully atop the base. The couple is symbolic of the way in which we value our relationships to get us through the good times and the bad times and are a reminder of the vows and silent pledges we speak to one another on our days of greatness and our moments of despair. The base of the urn will gently cradle the cremated ashes of your loved ones and provides a gorgeous work of art to be displayed in the home. Each Dance of Life Urn is stamped with the artist's signature as well as copyrighted. Size 20" h x 10" diameter


20" h x 10" diameter

Urn Capacity:

350 cu in = 350 lbs body weight (see Technical Specs)

Personalization Options:

Engraved Easel


Cultured Resin

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Urn Opens:

Bottom screw on cap