How To Choose Flower Arrangements For A Memorial Service

Not as simple as a task as one would think, selecting flowers for a memorial service takes thought and consideration. Most people don’t give prior thought to memorial flowers because it’s a situation that most don’t plan for. The flowers for the service serve as another way to remember the deceased and to add some beauty to the service.

Kinds of Memorial Service Flowers and Arrangements

Even though you can select any kind flower or floral style arrangement at the memorial service for the one you love, there are some flowers and arrangements that are more commonly used at funerals and memorial services.

Traditional memorial service flowers and arrangements include:

Casket sprays, which sit atop a casket. The casket sprays are typically selected by family and are constructed so that they lay flat on the top of the casket.

Standing sprays. These are arrangements displayed on some kind of an easel or pedestal and that are shaped in the form of crosses, hearts and wreaths.

Bouquets that are baskets or vases. These bouquets are often times gifts from close friends and family members or coworkers and are placed throughout the room.

Common Kinds Of Memorial Service Flowers Include The Following:


Gladioli symbolize strength and moral integrity and infatuation.


Carnations symbolize remembrance, love and innocence.


Roses are a symbol of reverence, love and close friendship.


Lilies symbolize that the soul of the deceased receives innocence.

Suggestions To Help Make Your Flower Selection

If you’d like to have flowers at a memorial service think about the overall effect that you want the flowers to have. Some of the more common questions to ask yourself might be:

  • Do you want a couple of simple bouquets or would you like a lot of lavish arrangements?
  • Would you like the flowers to display a celebratory or somber mood?
  • What are some of the scents that you would prefer more than others?

You can also pick flowers based on their color. Even though white is a common choice for flowers at a memorial service you can also choose flowers based on your personal favorite colors, the favorite color of the deceased, the colors of the current season now such as fall bouquets or spring flowers or any other personal preference.

The flowers can be more theme oriented or you can elect to go with a wide assortment of different colors. The choice is personal and there is no right or wrong answer.


How To Send Sympathy Flowers to a Memorial Service

Flowers are most often delivered to the funeral home but you can also send them to the home of the bereaved. Often times sending the flowers to the home allows for the family to enjoy a tribute to their loved one at home and you can work with the florist to choose an arrangement that is personal. Flowers sent to the funeral home are typically arranged around the casket or viewing area of the deceased and allow for all to enjoy the beauty of the flowers as well as the dedication to the family.

Some of the most typical kinds of memorial service flowers include chrysanthemums, carnations, and gladiolas, as mentioned above. However, there are lots of other kinds of flowers you can choose and you might pick snapdragons, alstroemeria and iris too.

You can either go with a monochromatic or multicolored bunch. Lilies and roses continue to be a very popular option.

Include a florist card with the flowers so that the family knows who the flowers are from. It is also appropriate to add a short message such as "Forever in our hearts" on the card.

Reasons to Bring Memorial Flowers

Flowers are just one more way that you can pay tribute to someone’s life. Traditionally, a memorial service is a celebration of someone's life. For many people, they want to do more than just attend a memorial service. There is a desire to let the family of the deceased know you are thinking of them and that you are sorry for their loss and to do so in a personal and expressive manner.

One of the best ways to pay tribute to someone’s life is to give flowers. An inexpensive yet beautiful expression of sympathy, flowers can be displayed in the days following the loss and the services and serve as a reminder to the family of those that care.

Flowers are also a wonderful option when you simply don’t know what to say. During times of grief, words of comfort can escape us and flowers let you show how very sorry you are for the loss.

Flowers also provide the opportunity to express our respect to a friend or family member that has perhaps lost someone close to them. Flowers are not always for honoring the deceased but sometimes are a way to express sympathy and love for people in our life that are dealing with death.

Choosing Your Flower Arrangement

Pick the flowers based upon what you think is the most beautiful, what the person who died liked to plant or garden with or that person’s favorite colors. If that person had a favorite sports team or past time, then choose colors based on that sports team or hobby they were passionate about. If you want to express that someone’s life was especially pure and spiritual, then maybe choose an arrangement of red roses and white lilies together.

Flowers have spiritual meanings to most civilized cultures around the world. Whether it’s the kind of flowers or the color of flowers, flowers have a special meaning.

You can further customize and personalize the floral bouquet by choosing to imbue it with that person’s favorite colors. Although white, red and yellow are typical floral choices, vibrant blues and purples are an option for those that had a love for deeper jewel tones.

And it is also okay to choose the flowers based off of what reminds you of the deceased. Wildflowers and greens for those that had a love for the outdoors. Hydrangeas and peonies for those that loved the summer months. The options are limitless.

What If You Have Trouble Picking Out Memorial Service Flowers?

If you have trouble picking out memorial service flowers, you can always buy a pre-made arrangement. Most online retailers feature a gallery of flower arrangements online and you can pick ready-made bouquets that are delivered as pictured. This alleviates the pressure of having to choose the flowers yourself and you can choose a bouquet that best suits your needs.

Most online retailers and local retailers have a selection of arrangements specifically designed for memorial services. These arrangements may be color themed, come as sprays for bouquets and take away the process of having to pick out flowers when you aren’t sure what you want or when overcome with grief.

Additionally, most florists can help you select the style of arrangement that is appropriate for the services and offer flower suggestions to help with the decision making process. The flower arrangements are available at different price points to hit every budget so you can choose what is affordable and beautiful.

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