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A terrific and personal honor towards a loved one that has served their country, the Infinity Wood Coast Guard cremation urn will stand tall and proud in any home's decor. The Coast Guard medallion is recessed inside a resin cast wood urn and the varying colors and contrasts are breathtaking! The urn is hand cast and finished and individually painted, meaning that no two are exactly the same. The cylindrical urn has nature as an inspiration and the tree trunk like base leads up to a ribboned top. The ribbons, which can symbolize the ebb and flow of our lives or the way in which we are intertwined, surround a small candle that can be lit daily in remembrance of the spark of love and life that we all hold. A wonderful and unique piece of art, the Infinity Wood Coast Guard memorial urn helps you to preserve your memories. Size 10 3/4"h x 6"d


10 3/4"h x 6"d

Urn Capacity:

150 cu in = 150 lbs body weight (see Technical Specs)

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Engraved Easel


Cast Resin

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Bottom screw on cap