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Behold the beauty and majesty of the Infinity Wood Navy cremation urn and place your loved one's to rest with peace. This exquisite urn is hand cast resin cultured wood and is an individually created work of artistry. The urn is finished and painted one at a time which means that there are no exact replicas - each urn has it's own uniqueness. The urn is cylindrical and the cylinder is inspired by trees. The finish is smooth midway up the urn, as if the bark of the tree had fallen way to reveal the untouched beauty of the wood. On the top of the urn you will find a duo of ribbons that ebb and flow and twist and turn, much like our lives. They surround a candle that can be lit in honor and remembrance of a life of service. A beautiful Navy medallion is front and center as a way to pay homage to their dedication to their country. Size 10 3/4"h x 6"d


10 3/4"h x 6"d

Urn Capacity:

150 cu in = 150 lbs body weight (see Technical Specs)

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Engraved Easel



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Bottom screw on cap