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Honor your service person with the Infinity Bronze Navy cremation urn! This exquisite resin urn is made from cold cast bronze finish and each Infinity Bronze Navy urn has been finished by hand and individually painted. Inspired by the great outdoors, the base gives the appearance of a tree trunk and the top of the Infinity Bronze urn has ribbons that symbolize the ups and downs of life and the journey that we take together. Light the candle at the top as a vigilant reminder of all that your loved one meant to you and honor their service with the Navy medallion that is set against a black backing on the front. The urn is copyrighted, dated and signed by the artist. Size 10 3/4"h x 6"d


10 3/4"h x 6"d

Urn Capacity:

150 cu in = 150 lbs body weight (see Technical Specs)

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Engraved Easel



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Bottom screw on cap