Solid 14K Gold Winter Memories Ash Resin Jewelry

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Ships in 1-2 Days After We Receive Your Ashes

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Stock Status:
Ships in 1-2 Days After We Receive Your Ashes


The solid 14k yellow gold Winter Memories ash resin jewelry provides families with a precious way to honor the life of a loved one that has passed away and pass an heirloom quality keepsake down to future generations. The Winter Memories is handcrafted of 14k yellow gold and the square shape pendant is broken down into two triangles. Each triangle is a mixture of glass like resin and a small amount of cremated ashes and this allows for two remembrances of one person or two separate remembrances. Each Gold Winter Memories Ash Pendant includes great presentation and a free chain!

Once your order has been processed, we immediately send out an ash collection kit. Add the required amount of ashes to the ash receptacle and mail back to us using the postage paid envelope. Upon completion of crafting your ash jewelry, we securely package any remaining ashes and send them back to you along with your purchase.

Customers also have options to customize their ash jewelry. You can choose a shorter or longer chain or a chain in a different finish to add contrast. Add engraved text to the back or change up the colors of the resin. Call us at 1-877-723-4242 or via email at and we can discuss your color options.


5/8" W x 3/4" H

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Solid 14K Yellow Gold

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Free 20" Matching Chain
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