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The Grand Standard Memorial Urn Package provides and personal and complete way for families to honor a loved one. The package includes your choice of 11 stunning individual cremation urns in different metals, colors and finishes and all make for a beautiful visual reminder of someone you cherished. Additionally, the package includes several different styles of personal mementos that can be shared with family members and close friends in remembrance of someone they loved. The Grand Standard Memorial Urn offers families the unique opportunity to display the personal mementos at a memorial service or wake. Gift the keychains and challenge coins to grandchildren and nieces and nephews as a tangible remembrance. Photo magnets and personalized bookmarks are a wonderful gift to share with close friends that have come to pay their respects to a treasured confidante. Each remembrance is made to order, available in a matter of days and completely personal to your loved one.
Your package includes:
  • Standard Individual Urn - Choose from 11 different individual cremation urns in a variety of materials, finishes and colors to hold the ashes of your loved one. Vibrant colors combined with a classic vase design means that you can select which urn best matches with your home's decor. The urn measurements vary and the urn will hold anywhere from 200 to 300 cubic inches of cremated ashes depending on the urn you choose.
  • A Memorial Portrait Qty (1) - Ideal for funeral services and as a beautiful display in the home, your memorial portrait will have the look and texture of an oil painting. The memorial portrait measures 11” x 14” and you have your choice of a black or white frame.
  • Memorial Keepsake Box Qty (1) - The memorial keepsake box features a small wood box that will hold small mementos in memory of your loved one. The memorial box measures 5” wide x 5” length x 2 ⅝” high and is personalized with up to five lines of text on the top face. The text is arranged as follows: line 1 (20 char max), lines 2-4 (30 char max per line) and line 5 (20 char max).
  • Custom Memorial Coins Qty (10) - The custom 1 ⅜” diameter memorial coin offers two ways to remember your loved one. The front face of the coin is personalized with their image and the back of the coin can hold five lines of text. The text is arranged as follows on the back of the coin: line 1 (35 char) top arch, lines 2-4 (12 char per line) below line one, line 5 (35 char) bottom arch. 10 coins included with your package.
  • Personalized Initial Keychains Qty (10) - The personalized initial keychains are black powder coated aluminum with a copper frame and the initials of your loved one are deep engraved on the front and the back side of the keychain. The keychains measure 1-3/16" x 1" and are 4.5 mm thick. 10 personalized initial keychains are included with your package.
  • Metal Photo Magnets Qty (25) - The image of your loved one is personalized onto a 2 1/2’ x 3 ¾” metal plate with magnetic strips on the back. We further personalized the metal photo magnets with the name of your loved one and the initials are raised, allowing you to feel them with your fingertips. The package include 25 photo magnets.
  • Photo Engraved Keychains Qty (5) - The image of your loved one is personalized on the front face of the round stainless steel photo engraved keychain and provides a wonderful way for families to share a favorite memory. There are 5 photo engraved keychains included with the package and the keychain measures 1" wide x 1 1/4" high.
  • Personalized Bookmarks Qty (5) - We offer three distinct bookmarks for your to select from and each measures 1” wide x 7” length. The black and white bookmark has your loved one’s name plus “Never Forgotten”; the gold bookmark has your loved one’s name plus “Rest In Peace May You Find Your Way Home” and the floral bookmark has your loved one’s name plus “Forever In Our Hearts”. 5 bookmarks are included with the package. High quality and constructed of metal.