Venetia Glass Cremation Urn

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11" w x 9"h

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254 cu in = 254 lbs body weight (see Technical Specs)

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About the Artist - Mike Holberg
Mike Holberg turned a lifelong passion for art into a glass blowing career. Having studied drawing, painting and stained glass, Mike segued into glass blowing in the late 1990's. He has worked with some of the finest glass blowers world wide and his work can be found in galleries across the United States. All of Holberg's glass art is blown and signed by the artist himself.
The depth and beauty of the Venetia Glass Cremation Urn is exquisite. Hand blown and signed by the artist, the urn features varying hues of purple and blue and gold and because each is handmade, no two are exactly alike. The urn has a delicate fanned top and the ashes of your loved one can be placed inside the orb of the art. The Venetia Glass urn can be further personalized in memory of your loved one by choosing an engraved plate and easel to display with the urn.
Size: 11"w x 9"h