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The Dance of Life Sharing Bronze and Blue cremation urn is a wonderful way to honor the life of a spouse or a loved one and share the ashes with others in the family. The resin cultured wood urn has been hand cast and features two bronze figures joined continuously, dancing their way through the ebb and flow of life, keeping each other in balance and in sync. Symbolic of vows, of commitments, of the promises we make to one another, the art beautifully captures the essence of love and devotion. The bottom orb of the urn cradles the ashes of your loved one and is designed to hold a smaller amount than individual size. This allows for families to all have a reminder of a parent, a sibling, a family member they loved. Each is signed, dated and copyrighted by the artist, giving you a one of a kind memorial to the deceased. Size 18"h x 8"diameter


18"h x 8"diameter

Urn Capacity:

150 cu in = 150 lbs body weight (see Technical Specs)

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Engraved Easel


Cultured Resin

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Urn Opens:

Bottom screw on cap